Coses que havia oblidat

Things I had forgotten.

Són coses que s’amunteguen a costat i costat de la taula sense saber a quin lloc (ben lluny), enviar-ho de vacances. Tampoc tinc calaix de sastre. Tampoc tinc sastre. I tampoc sé que fer-ne de totes aquelles coses que sobren, molesten. Absolutament innecessàries com una declaració d’independència amb la boca petita. S’acumula la feina d’endreçar draps vells. Us deixo uns quants.

These things are stacked next to and beside the table without knowing in what place (far away), send him on vacation. Nor do I catch. Nor do I tailor. I do not know what to do all those things are simply, annoying. Completely unnecessary as a declaration of independence with the tongue in his cheek. Collects the work of tidying old rags. I leave a few.

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